The South Pole
Amundsen-Scott Antarctic Station

Nikolai Makarov (UA3YH, AB0KG) was active as R1ANM from the
"Amundsen-Scott" South Pole station (WABA K-08) within a couple of weeks
since 11th untill 28th of January 2002. He operated both CW
and SSB mainly 20M, 15M and 10M occasionally.
Basic frequences were 14020/14160/14243 kHz within 05-08 UTC for
South America, North America, Europe and Asia
(fixed 6 elements yagi beaming to USA).
There were also made some CW QSO's as KC4AAA (QSL via K1IED).

QSL information:


Direct request only via AB0KG address:
Nikolai A. Makarov  P.O.BOX 18118  Boulder CO 80308-1118  USA

Bureau request only via UA3YH.

The QSL cards for R1ANM have been printed few weeks ago.
All requests for 2001 year operation, either direct or via the buro,
have already been answered.

Newer pictures from the South Pole.
This album contains photos from the South Pole meteor radar system operated by
the Avery research group at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The radar profiles
neutral winds in the upper atmosphere by detecting the motion of meteor trails.
Pictures of the past

 Nikolai Makarov R1ANM and  Neil Conant N8BPR,
South Pole, 9 January 2001.


Last update Dec 2002.
Serge RW3XA